Lake Serene Property Owners Association, Inc.
256 West Lake Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

The Lake Serene POA office is located inside the clubhouse at 256 West Lake Road.  Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Lake Serene POA Security can be reached by calling 601-408-7687.  Professional Security Corporation is contracted by Lake Serene POA to provide services of patrolling the common areas, help close out events at the pavilion and clubhouse, and enforce the rules of the LSPOA.  For issues on private property, please contact Lamar County Sheriff's Department at 601-794-1005 or by dialing 911 in case of emergency.  


Lake Serene Office

Lake Serene Security

The properties in Lake Serene Subdivision are among the most preferred real estate investment in South Mississippi today and according to the residents of the area, it is also one of the more desirable places to live, being convenient to the city of Hattiesburg and having very fine water recreational facilities with five lakes in total.

The entrances, lakes, dams, spillways, boat ramps, swimming area, piers, pavilion area, clubhouse, and other common properties belong to the Lake Serene Property Owners Association, a non-profit corporation.   These areas and facilities are maintained by the Property Owners Association dues.  The streets in the Lake Serene area belong to and are maintained by Lamar County with revenue from property taxes.

You are encouraged to read the covenants, charter, and by-laws found on this website to give you more specific information relative to Lake Serene Property Owners Association.  

The dues are presently $560 per year.  Each member in good standing has the rights of enjoyment of all facilities and common properties in Lake Serene.  

An office is maintained in the clubhouse Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.  The telephone number is 264-3765.  You can email any questions you may have to [email protected]  Stay informed by providing your email address and by joining the private Lake Serene Facebook group.  ​​

Clubhouse Rentals

Dues - $560/year
Initiation Fee (new members) $350
Car Decal - $10/each
Boat Decal - $20/each
Canoe/Kayak Decal - $5/each

Clubhouse rentals are available to members of the LSPOA.  Rental is $275 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and $250 Monday - Thursday with a $200 holding/security deposit that must be paid upon booking. The remainder due must be paid two weeks prior to the event.  Rental includes tables, chairs, full kitchen, and cleanup after the event.  Stop by to see the beautiful venue during office hours and book early as the dates fill up fast!​​

Check for available dates on the online calendar!

Lake Serene Women's Club

The Lake Serene Women's Club has a rich history in the development of our beautiful neighborhood.  They are responsible for much of the landscaping that you now see.  Recently the club has been working closely with the LSPOA Board of Directors to do major renovations to the Lake Serene Clubhouse.  
They have an annual rummage sale to raise money to fund different beautification projects in the neighborhood.  Presently there are several exciting activities being planned and they would love to have as many as they can to join and be a part of the Women's Club.  

The annual dues are$25/year and meetings are held August - May on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.  


There is a pavilion available for rental across from the Balboa swimming beach/volleyball area.  The rental fee is $50 and it i​s a great place to host smaller gatherings, family reunions, birthday parties.  Call the office today to book your event as it is heavily used during the spring and summer months!